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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

In door studio Manipulation

      In door studio Manipulation

 So Helo friend and Welcome back to my blog.

So today we are going to do some clicks in indoor .what we do after clicking the photo the photo that was clicked in the studio let us open in Photoshop.

So what do we have to do!

1.   Now we open a photo in photoshop.

2.   After opening the photo in photoshop. we have to first make new layer  with CTRL+J

3.   After creating new layer we,have to open camera raw.

 4.   After opening the camera raw , we have to do some retouch portrait .

  5.   After setting up the highlight shadows of photo , let us clos camera raw .

  6.   Now we have to make face retouching using mixture brush tools.

  7.   What to do we have to do retouch the post.

8.   Now we have to do selection.

  9.   After selection.

 10.                     We have to open Refine Edge.

  11.                     Set the hair’s selection.

 12.                     Put 2 feather.

  13.                     Now new layer has been created from CTRL+J

 14.                     Now add background in layer No 2.

  15.                     Now set highlight shadow of background with the help of Camera raw.


16.                     Now add requird  PNG


17.                     Set as requirement.

 18.                     After final Retouching Portrait Are Ready.


You can download without edit photo from the link.

How to Download.

Click on Download buton.
New page opn click on download through  google / Drive

In the same way, if you want to learn the photoshop, then the link to my youtube channel has been subscribed to the link.

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