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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Instagram capitions for selfies

     New Instagram captions for selfies

         Instagram captions for selfies

1- Capition from famous people dude.

2-No Need for Capition.

3-Alhmdulila pendu🌴🐎.

4-Pendu Production.

5-Its ok to fail BabE.

6-All you have happning now.

7-You life is Your capition.

8-I am happY but I cant".

9-I deside becuase i have own vibe.

10-I went through my Fellings.

11-So many of smile because all of my Brothers👬👬.

12-Who want superHero ?When have a Big Brother😇.

13-Black People with Black Hearts💔.

14-First thing you are! I Think when I wake up😢.

15-Unknow destination🔥.

16-Nothing to post 💔.

17-Broken Atitude😏.

18-Brother Comes for another mother👬.

19-Hey Chingal Come On And let Mingal😂.

20-shut Your lonlY fellings😭.

21-SaY Mashallah💟.

22-fade The Brake Out Boi😘.

23-I think love of my life stuck in the condom😂😂.

24-If you dont want me so 🙏Dont PlaY😓.

25-Beauty Always atract The Hearts😛😛😍

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       Instagram captions for selfies


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