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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Start Earning Money Online - View Jobs Ads -

Start Earning Money Online - View Jobs Ads -

Online Make Money Home - View Ads Jobs - Admiral! provides you with an incredible platform to generate consistent and long cash flow through its unique Referral Program and by making deposits online.
Before we hit an Unlimited Income Plan through our Referral Program; Let's start reading to understand everything about Adsmaal!

To visit
Read the FAQ page, if necessary.
Register your free account.
Login to your free account.

You have four types of income.

Daily Gold Ads (Active)
Daily 5 Gold Ads are given to active account holders rewarding Rs 5 per ad. The total amount will be Rs 25 per day if you look at all 5 ads.

Referral bonus.

When you refer someone, you will get 8 diamond ads when your account is activated. Reward 50Rs per ad. The total amount will be Rs 400 for these ads.

Bonus when registering.

When you register a new account here, you will get 4 diamond ads. Reward 50Rs per ad. The total amount will be Rs 200 for these ads.

Verification by phone / email.

To ensure that adsmaal remains a secure platform for all of our clients, we may ask you to verify your phone or email to access some of the services we offer. Verification by phone or email is required only once when you first log into the account. Accounts verified by phone have a clear owner that makes it easy to re-access you if you lose all access to your account. It is very difficult or impossible to return access to accounts that are not verified, even if you know their login details, as it is difficult to identify the original owner of the account.

Enhanced verified account features

To take advantage of the enhanced features of a verified account, the user must provide a scanned image of their country ID / passport or driver's license along with any utility bills to verify the address. Make sure all the information you provide is correct, up to date and complete. If we believe that the details are not correct, current or complete, we have the right to reject, cancel or suspend your account. There is no restriction on using small unverified accounts.

Refund policy

We are providing merchant accounts to many companies, which can use our website's payment methods, if you deposit the fund to pay on another website from adsmaal after the payment is transferred to another merchant account that we cannot refund, that payment can be refunded only as merchant peer policy, if you deposit funds into the main Adsmaal account balance and still don't send or spend to anyone, you can get a refund at any time.

Transfer of funds

An adsmaal user can transfer funds worldwide to any adsmaal user for a small fee (1%).

Instant bank deposits of funds

An adsmaal user can deposit an instant fund deposit using the BANK method that made at least 20 successful transactions from the same sender's bank account. Otherwise, the system may take up to 24 hours to verify the income pool. (It is only for bank deposit option)

To register: click here

  • Join the plan for life
  • PKR 1000
  • Daily announcements 5
  • Daily profit 25
  • Minimum withdrawal 500
  • Referral commission 400
  • Registration bonus 200

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